Merge and encode vob files or a DVD on a mac

Download D-Vision 3

Tabs: General, Video, Audio and Subtitles

General setting:







Select your desired ‘Destination

Choose ‘All’ for the complete film or ‘Specified duration’ to trim the video film to be encoded.

Select h264 as codec






Video settings:



Codec: Select h264 as codec; 2-Pass for encoding processes and Best/Slow for quality

Video bitrate options: final size or bitrate (we recommend a bitrate of 2000 kbits/sec

Dimension settings (resolution): Auto dedection of aspect ratio (also selectable)
Crop picture: we recommend to leave it as preset

It is not necessary to change the framerate of your target video file.


Audio settings:


Select ‘Complete encoding’ to encode the audio together with the video track

Select mp3 as codec and a bitrate of at least 128 kbits/sec











If you want to add subtitles choose a srt file. Please note that this setting does not encode the file onto the video track but as a selectable subtitle track.


To finalize the process press ‘create task(s)’.




If you do not want to create futher tasks (add more files to be encoded) start the encoding process.


















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