DVDx 4 is freeware (only open edition) and is available for Windows and MAC as well for Linux. This tool from labDV is able to encode video-DVDs into several video formats (.mov / .mp4 and .mpeg and so on) with intergrated subtitles if available on DVD. We suggest you use the following tutorial copy DVD to Apple QT video with the settings as follows – format:.mov or mp4 / video codec: h.264 / audio codec: aac (mpeg 4) / at ‘fair quality’ (selectable in Configure…) / and select the desired subtitle track.

For MAC users: Copy the video_TS folder of your DVD on your hard drive if dvdx can’t read the selected DVD.

Optionally you can also use these settings > format: MPEG-2/ video codec: MPEG-2 /DVD /
audio codec: MPEG Audio Layer 2 / at ‘DVD’ quality (selectable in Configure…) / and select the desired subtitle track.


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2 Responses to helpful tools – Uploading a film from DVD: using DVDx 4

  1. Aylen sagt:

    Fred, Not sure about any of these qosteiuns with respect to Handbrake, but you might want to take a look at which works with AviSynth scripts and might deliver what you need.

  2. denverrifiume sagt:

    I’m newbie and a new user in this forum, but I hope to help and be helped by others. :)

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