Merge vob files from DVD into one vob file for uploading it onto

VOBMerge is a little and simple tool (freeware /Windows) to do one thing: merging several vob files into one.

1. select all vob files you want to merge















2. arrange them if needed

3. press ‘Merge’ and select the target path

Download vob merge

If you need to integrate your subtitles into video file to be uploaded go to Embedding subtitles into your film file


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2 Responses to helpful tools – VOBMerge for Windows

  1. Arunsawat sagt:

    I have the same prlobem and I do not have a tablet PC. I do have a HP laptop that is less than a year old. When I update labels only the first 3 and the last two of each page show up. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

    • Antonio sagt:

      Hello. I’m also experiencing very bad audio sycinng problems after copying the DVD to disk with DVD Decrypter ( and encoding the resulting VOB file. The picture is great on my 3rd generation Nano, but the files are unusable due to the audio problem. Encoding was done on a Toshiba 1.73GHz dual core laptop running Vista. Cheersdarren Reply:November 23rd, 2008 at 3:13 pmAndrew, are you sure that your original vob file is in sync? If it’s not, there’s little RockPod 2009 can do to fix it. If the original file is in sync, then RockPod 2009 may be the problem.To be sure, given the fact you’re using a Nano, try encoding with the other option (there are two MPEG4 and H.264) and see if it’s still out of sync.Cheers,Darren.Andrew Clark Reply:December 16th, 2008 at 4:45 pmHello DarrenI’ve been playing around with this program for a few weeks now and am not having much luck with the original audio sycinng problem. There is definitely a problem ocurring somewhere as the discs I’ve tried are all original shop-bought DVDs and play just fine. I’ve used two computers to do the encoding and now the sycinng problem remains. I’m a little disappointed as the MPEG picture is noticably sharper than other encoding programs on the nano and the interface is good. I have found H.264 to be unusable due to the pixilated picture. I’ll look out for next version and hopefully have better luck. Regards

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